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Recording studio program events for audio professionals and music fans.

New music from exceptional artists recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in real time.

Join us live or watch the livestream.


Program Events

Learn from celebrated producers and engineers.

Experience remarkable artists in renowned studios.

Watch live online or attend live studio sessions.

Dweezil Zappa

Sound City Studios

Mick Guzauski

Maxine Ashley

EastWest Studios

Richard Gibbs

Mystic Marley

Woodshed Recording


“A uniquely comprehensive series of training programs on the music production process – from start to finish, covering the recording to the mix and straight to the master in one cohesive swoop.”

- SonicScoop



Recording. Producing. Mixing. Mastering.


We provide active studio learning experiences for our students who work directly with producers, engineers and artists in a world class studio environment.

Students in the studio receive detailed individual attention and group instruction by legendary audio professionals while participating in recording sessions.

We are motivated to expand the legacy of groundbreaking audio industry personnel and promote the significance of traditional recording in a studio environment. 


Art of Audio Program Events are comprised of four-day sets of sessions from Thursday through Sunday. Sessions are held from 10am to 7pm each day with a one-hour break for lunch. 

Thursday and Friday sessions feature recording and producing techniques featuring artists performing in the studio. 

Saturday sessions offer a mixing focus based on the recording from the previous two days. 

Sunday delivers mastering instruction for the same recording. 

Studio attendance is limited to fifteen or fewer students per session with an additional fifteen VIP Livestream students who may participate in Q&A, as well as a Standard Livestream session option.

The livestream video will be made available to students for a limited time following the Live Program Event. The Program Event sessions may be viewed later if live viewing is not possible.


A portion of our Program fees will be donated directly to the cause of choice for each artist.